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Can I install the screens myself?

Phantom's Limited Lifetime Warranty can only be protected by following the rigid specifications and manufacturers standards followed by each factory trained installer. Let us work our magic while you sit back and relax.

What colors do the screens come in?

Phantom door screens are available in: White, Brown, Almond, Driftwood Beige, Sandalwood, Gray, Green and Black. Serene window screens are available in: White, Brown, Almond, Driftwood beige, Sandalwood, and Black. Executive power screens are available in White, Brown, Almond, and Bronze. Over 50 custom colors are also available for all three products (There is an additional cost for custom color options).

What is the warranty?

Phantom Manufacturing offers a limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser, excluding the mesh, on both the Phantom and Serene hardware. The Executive power screen has a similar limited warranty, except the motor, which is covered for five years. You can see a copy of the warranties here.

What if I have pets?

The Phantom products are not designed to restrict pets from entering or exiting. Their design, however, diminishes the possibility of damage if a pet accidentally impacts the mesh.

Can the screens be locked?

The screens are designed to keep even the very largest bugs out of your house. The optional latch is only designed to make the screen a little more difficult for unwanted guests to enter.

Is there any maintenance required?

The tracks should be kept clean and periodically sprayed with a Phantom Silicone Lubricant offered for purchase by your factory trained installer. Read more details on Phantom Retractable Screens maintenance in our Service and Maintenance page.

How durable are the Phantom Screen products?

With standard maintenance, the screens are designed to be among the most durable available.

How do Phantom Screen products compare to competing products?

Phantom uses the highest quality components. When compared with other retractable screens in the marketplace, it is clear that Phantom receives a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating.

What is the general price range of Phantom Screens for doors and windows?

Every Phantom Screen is custom sized and fitted to fit many types and styles of openings. Request an estimate or a same-day measure/installation.